We repair damage from A-Z to sandwich panels and cladding
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  • 09 overspuiten van sandwichpanelen
  • 36 wij repareren verweerde gevels
  • 01 brengt nieuwe coatings aan op dakbeplating
  • 05 herstellen loslatende coating
  • 10 overspuiten verkleurde dakbeplating
  • 35 wij repareren de meest uiteenlopende schades aan voorgelakt staal
  • 02 dakpan panelen overspuiten
  • 21 uw schade onze expertise
  • 22 vakkundig herstellen van grote schades
  • 17 schades aan uw gevelpanelen
  • 20 uw partner voor het vakkundig repareren van aanrijdschades
  • 30 voor elk project een passende oplossing
  • 03 door vakmensen gedreven
  • 28 van Heemskerk restyled uw vastgoed
  • 07 onze werkwijze wordt erkend door verzekeringsmaatschappijen
  • 29 verwijderd graffiti
  • 34 wij repareren allerhande coating problemen
  • 27 van Heemskerk reinigt en conserveert uw vastgoed
  • 23 van Heemskerk behandeld loslatende coatings
  • 16 sandwichpaneel herstel
  • 13 renoveren van uw bedrijfsvastgoed
  • 06 het herstel van gevelpanelen
  • 04 grote projecten
  • 15 reparatie van krassen in uw beplating of zetwerk
  • 32 wij behandelen verkrijting van uw gevelsystemen
  • 31 voor het repareren van grote schades in uw gevel zijn wij de juiste partner
  • 14 reparatie grote schades
  • 08 overspuiten van bedrijfshallen
  • 18 uw dak vakkundig overgespoten
  • 26 van Heemskerk hersteld uw schade op vakkundige wijze
  • 24 van Heemskerk expert in het overspuiten van damwandbeplating
  • 11 reclame schades
  • 33 wij hebben de kennis en de know how
  • 19 uw partner in het repareren van schades in gevelpanelen
  • 25 van Heemskerk heeft voor elke schade de passende oplossing
  • 12 reiniging van gevelpanelen
  • Painting of sandwich panels

  • We repair weathered facades.

  • Applies new coatings to roofing sheets

  • Repair loose coating

  • Painting of discoloured roofing sheets

  • We repair many different types of damage to prepainted steel.

  • Painting roof tile panels

  • Your damage, our speciality.

  • Major damages repaired in expert fashion.

  • Damage to your facade panels.

  • Your partner in expert repairs of collision damage.

  • A suitable solution for every project.

  • By passionate experts

  • Van Heemskerk restyles your property.

  • Our working method is recognised by insurance companies

  • Removed graffiti.

  • We repair all sorts of coating problems.

  • Van Heemskerk cleans and preserves your property.

  • Van Heemskerk handles loose coatings.

  • Repairing sandwich panels.

  • Renovation of your commercial property

  • Repairing facade panels

  • Big projects

  • Repairing scratches in your plates or profiling

  • We treat the chalking of your facade systems.

  • We are the right partner for restoring major damages to your facade.

  • Repair of large damages

  • Painting of industrial halls

  • Your roof expertly painted.

  • Van Heemskerk expertly repairs your damages.

  • Van Heemskerk is an expert in painting sheet piling plates.

  • Claiming damages

  • We have the knowledge and the know-how.

  • Your partner in repairing damage to facade panels.

  • Van Heemskerk has the appropriate solution for all types of damage.

  • Cleaning of facade panels

Cold storage and deep-freeze rooms

Periodic cleaning is necessary in order to guarantee correct operation of the cooling equipment. The cleaning enhances the cooling capacity and ensures that the installation retains its function and purpose. The efficiency and operating life of your refrigeration installation will also be significantly enhanced.

Cold storage and deep-freeze rooms

Periodic cleaning of your cold storage or deep-freeze rooms reduces the risk of undesired bacteria and mould. Since work is often performed at sub-zero temperatures, a specialist approach is required. Van Heemskerk has the specific product knowledge and correct tools to perform this.


In order to guarantee the correct operation of condensors, periodic cleaning is required. Van Heemskerk removes any dirt present, so that the cooling function of the condensor is optimal. This greatly reduces the likelihood of faults or technical defects. The quality of products stored in the cold storage or deep-freeze room is thus ensured.

Air conditioning systems

The periodic cleaning of an air conditioning system prevents mould, bacteria and unpleasant odours. We can take care of the correct cleaning of your air conditioning system. This safeguards the welfare of your employees and products and prevents unpleasant complaints.

The cleaning of air conditioning systems requires a deal of expertise and specific experience. The cleaning of these systems enhances their efficiency and operating life.

Cooling towers

Cooling towers must be cleaned correctly so that they do not fall victim to algae and Legionella. Periodic cleaning and disinfection is thus extremely important. Van Heemskerk cleans and disinfects your cooling towers with special care and professional expertise. The cleaning will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of your installation.


Contamination by, for example, mould and dust, causes the drip trays and the drains in these installations to quickly become blocked. In cold storage rooms, contaminated evaporators have a negative effect on the capacity of the device. This can cause leaks. The dirt is then often blown into the cold storage rooms by fans. Correct cleaning guarantees the quality of the products stored in the cold storage room.


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