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  • 08 overspuiten van bedrijfshallen
  • 12 reiniging van gevelpanelen
  • 05 herstellen loslatende coating
  • 21 uw schade onze expertise
  • 25 van Heemskerk heeft voor elke schade de passende oplossing
  • 28 van Heemskerk restyled uw vastgoed
  • 16 sandwichpaneel herstel
  • 03 door vakmensen gedreven
  • 23 van Heemskerk behandeld loslatende coatings
  • 27 van Heemskerk reinigt en conserveert uw vastgoed
  • 31 voor het repareren van grote schades in uw gevel zijn wij de juiste partner
  • 22 vakkundig herstellen van grote schades
  • 07 onze werkwijze wordt erkend door verzekeringsmaatschappijen
  • 02 dakpan panelen overspuiten
  • 32 wij behandelen verkrijting van uw gevelsystemen
  • 15 reparatie van krassen in uw beplating of zetwerk
  • 01 brengt nieuwe coatings aan op dakbeplating
  • 10 overspuiten verkleurde dakbeplating
  • 06 het herstel van gevelpanelen
  • 13 renoveren van uw bedrijfsvastgoed
  • 04 grote projecten
  • 14 reparatie grote schades
  • 29 verwijderd graffiti
  • 33 wij hebben de kennis en de know how
  • 26 van Heemskerk hersteld uw schade op vakkundige wijze
  • 11 reclame schades
  • 18 uw dak vakkundig overgespoten
  • 17 schades aan uw gevelpanelen
  • 30 voor elk project een passende oplossing
  • 20 uw partner voor het vakkundig repareren van aanrijdschades
  • 36 wij repareren verweerde gevels
  • 09 overspuiten van sandwichpanelen
  • 19 uw partner in het repareren van schades in gevelpanelen
  • 35 wij repareren de meest uiteenlopende schades aan voorgelakt staal
  • 34 wij repareren allerhande coating problemen
  • 24 van Heemskerk expert in het overspuiten van damwandbeplating
  • Painting of industrial halls

  • Cleaning of facade panels

  • Repair loose coating

  • Your damage, our speciality.

  • Van Heemskerk has the appropriate solution for all types of damage.

  • Van Heemskerk restyles your property.

  • Repairing sandwich panels.

  • By passionate experts

  • Van Heemskerk handles loose coatings.

  • Van Heemskerk cleans and preserves your property.

  • We are the right partner for restoring major damages to your facade.

  • Major damages repaired in expert fashion.

  • Our working method is recognised by insurance companies

  • Painting roof tile panels

  • We treat the chalking of your facade systems.

  • Repairing scratches in your plates or profiling

  • Applies new coatings to roofing sheets

  • Painting of discoloured roofing sheets

  • Repairing facade panels

  • Renovation of your commercial property

  • Big projects

  • Repair of large damages

  • Removed graffiti.

  • We have the knowledge and the know-how.

  • Van Heemskerk expertly repairs your damages.

  • Claiming damages

  • Your roof expertly painted.

  • Damage to your facade panels.

  • A suitable solution for every project.

  • Your partner in expert repairs of collision damage.

  • We repair weathered facades.

  • Painting of sandwich panels

  • Your partner in repairing damage to facade panels.

  • We repair many different types of damage to prepainted steel.

  • We repair all sorts of coating problems.

  • Van Heemskerk is an expert in painting sheet piling plates.


Rust is the reddish-brown material that is produced when iron reacts with oxygen in the presence of water. It is a mixture of iron oxide and hydroxyl groups. Rusting is the commonly used term for a form of metal corrosion

Where can you find rust?

Rust is commonplace in the facade- and roof sector. On the one hand, unprotected materials can come into contact with humidity and oxygen. Other factors that can play a role are: milling debris, ferrous particles, drill swarf or surface rust that, in many cases, due to suspended ferrous particles can end up on surfaces and/or cladding.

What risk do you run?

Corrosion to or on a coated steel sheet without treatment can cause severe rusting. If treated in time using suitable agents and techniques, the corrosion or oxidation can be eliminated. In the case of severe damage, the relevant parts must be equipped with a coating.

Can it be prevented?

Not always, treated parts are, in principle, corrosion-resistant, however these coatings can become damaged due to various factors such as rust from steel particles. When grinding or drilling, it is important to cover the parts or clean them afterwards.

Van Heemskerk Damage Repair

Van Heemskerk has developed a method to effectively remove rust without additional mechanical processing. We have developed a product ourselves based on various biodegradable acids, where we deploy the rust particles and subsequently neutralise them after they have acted. This action does not damage the underlying coating.



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