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  • 13 renoveren van uw bedrijfsvastgoed
  • 09 overspuiten van sandwichpanelen
  • 04 grote projecten
  • 11 reclame schades
  • 32 wij behandelen verkrijting van uw gevelsystemen
  • 22 vakkundig herstellen van grote schades
  • 08 overspuiten van bedrijfshallen
  • 14 reparatie grote schades
  • 30 voor elk project een passende oplossing
  • 31 voor het repareren van grote schades in uw gevel zijn wij de juiste partner
  • 18 uw dak vakkundig overgespoten
  • 23 van Heemskerk behandeld loslatende coatings
  • 20 uw partner voor het vakkundig repareren van aanrijdschades
  • 05 herstellen loslatende coating
  • 24 van Heemskerk expert in het overspuiten van damwandbeplating
  • 33 wij hebben de kennis en de know how
  • 34 wij repareren allerhande coating problemen
  • 28 van Heemskerk restyled uw vastgoed
  • 27 van Heemskerk reinigt en conserveert uw vastgoed
  • 02 dakpan panelen overspuiten
  • 29 verwijderd graffiti
  • 15 reparatie van krassen in uw beplating of zetwerk
  • 21 uw schade onze expertise
  • 06 het herstel van gevelpanelen
  • 19 uw partner in het repareren van schades in gevelpanelen
  • 26 van Heemskerk hersteld uw schade op vakkundige wijze
  • 10 overspuiten verkleurde dakbeplating
  • 01 brengt nieuwe coatings aan op dakbeplating
  • 36 wij repareren verweerde gevels
  • 03 door vakmensen gedreven
  • 25 van Heemskerk heeft voor elke schade de passende oplossing
  • 35 wij repareren de meest uiteenlopende schades aan voorgelakt staal
  • 17 schades aan uw gevelpanelen
  • 07 onze werkwijze wordt erkend door verzekeringsmaatschappijen
  • 16 sandwichpaneel herstel
  • 12 reiniging van gevelpanelen
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Blistering of sandwich panels

Blistering / bending is caused by thermal forces that occur in a sandwich panel as the result of a so-called thermoshock. This causes the outer skin to become detached from the PUR- PIR / EPS/ mineral wool insulation resulting in hollow spaces being created behind the outer sheet. After heating up, this space will expand and form a blister, swelling or bend.

Blistering in panels Blistering in panels

Blistering in panels

Blistering in panels is evident when:

  • Thermoshock occurs, this can be on building site but also during production.
  • Forced tension, bending, hollowing during assembly, uneven surface, after heating up the stresses possibly cause imperfections.
  • Darker colours of panels increase the temperature of the outer sheet, this can cause more tension.
  • A thin steel thickness of outer sheet can cause more imperfections and the chance of blistering is much higher, cheaper isn't always better.
  • Detached foam to outersheet during production.
  • Less profile in the outer sheet ( flat panels) gives less strength.
  • Problems of cooling down the panel during production.

Blistering of sandwich panels Blistering of sandwich panels

Test set-up, panels are heated

Blistering of sandwich panels Thermoschock.jpg

Deflection due to heating / Thermoshock simulated

Detached outer skin, location where detachment occurs is visible / Folding Detached outer skin, location where detachment occurs is visible / Folding

Detached outer skin, location where detachment occurs is visible / Folding

Resultaat_na_verwijdering_buitenhuid.jpg Inside of panel after folding / Detachment is visible on inside of outer skin

Inside of panel after folding / Detachment is visible on inside of outer skin

Thermo diagram

Thermo diagram

Where does this occur?

In many cases, blistering or folding occurs on the facade, and on the section of a building that receives the most sun-hours (south facade).

What is the risk?

Due to warming up, the blister will become increasingly bigger and thus also become more detached, so that the panel will have to be replaced.

Can it be repaired?

Depending on the size and cause, most blisters can be repaired. We have developed 2 techniques for this:

  1. Vacuum bonding technique
  2. Comprehensive damage repair by fixing, filling, spraying

Vacuum binding technique

1. Vacuum binding technique

Repairing damaged facades

2. Repairing damaged facades

Van Heemskerk Damage Repair

Van Heemskerk has the expertise and the experience to detect blistering (already at an early stage) and to professionally treat it using the correct materials and techniques.

We repair around the globe in many country's, distance is not a problem. We can provide a quick advice and solution.

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