We repair damage from A-Z to sandwich panels and cladding
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  • 22 vakkundig herstellen van grote schades
  • 15 reparatie van krassen in uw beplating of zetwerk
  • 19 uw partner in het repareren van schades in gevelpanelen
  • 07 onze werkwijze wordt erkend door verzekeringsmaatschappijen
  • 05 herstellen loslatende coating
  • 28 van Heemskerk restyled uw vastgoed
  • 20 uw partner voor het vakkundig repareren van aanrijdschades
  • 30 voor elk project een passende oplossing
  • 17 schades aan uw gevelpanelen
  • 27 van Heemskerk reinigt en conserveert uw vastgoed
  • 13 renoveren van uw bedrijfsvastgoed
  • 24 van Heemskerk expert in het overspuiten van damwandbeplating
  • 16 sandwichpaneel herstel
  • 23 van Heemskerk behandeld loslatende coatings
  • 03 door vakmensen gedreven
  • 32 wij behandelen verkrijting van uw gevelsystemen
  • 14 reparatie grote schades
  • 18 uw dak vakkundig overgespoten
  • 36 wij repareren verweerde gevels
  • 34 wij repareren allerhande coating problemen
  • 08 overspuiten van bedrijfshallen
  • 12 reiniging van gevelpanelen
  • 29 verwijderd graffiti
  • 35 wij repareren de meest uiteenlopende schades aan voorgelakt staal
  • 06 het herstel van gevelpanelen
  • 11 reclame schades
  • 10 overspuiten verkleurde dakbeplating
  • 04 grote projecten
  • 25 van Heemskerk heeft voor elke schade de passende oplossing
  • 21 uw schade onze expertise
  • 33 wij hebben de kennis en de know how
  • 31 voor het repareren van grote schades in uw gevel zijn wij de juiste partner
  • 09 overspuiten van sandwichpanelen
  • 26 van Heemskerk hersteld uw schade op vakkundige wijze
  • 02 dakpan panelen overspuiten
  • 01 brengt nieuwe coatings aan op dakbeplating
  • Major damages repaired in expert fashion.

  • Repairing scratches in your plates or profiling

  • Your partner in repairing damage to facade panels.

  • Our working method is recognised by insurance companies

  • Repair loose coating

  • Van Heemskerk restyles your property.

  • Your partner in expert repairs of collision damage.

  • A suitable solution for every project.

  • Damage to your facade panels.

  • Van Heemskerk cleans and preserves your property.

  • Renovation of your commercial property

  • Van Heemskerk is an expert in painting sheet piling plates.

  • Repairing sandwich panels.

  • Van Heemskerk handles loose coatings.

  • By passionate experts

  • We treat the chalking of your facade systems.

  • Repair of large damages

  • Your roof expertly painted.

  • We repair weathered facades.

  • We repair all sorts of coating problems.

  • Painting of industrial halls

  • Cleaning of facade panels

  • Removed graffiti.

  • We repair many different types of damage to prepainted steel.

  • Repairing facade panels

  • Claiming damages

  • Painting of discoloured roofing sheets

  • Big projects

  • Van Heemskerk has the appropriate solution for all types of damage.

  • Your damage, our speciality.

  • We have the knowledge and the know-how.

  • We are the right partner for restoring major damages to your facade.

  • Painting of sandwich panels

  • Van Heemskerk expertly repairs your damages.

  • Painting roof tile panels

  • Applies new coatings to roofing sheets


Delaminate actually means ‘’detaching’’. This is a process where various layers from which something is composed (for example, a coating on steel) become detached from each other. Delamination can be caused by minor damage in a facade or roof or as the result of, for example, edge peeling. Due to the capillary action of water (rising water) and other weather effects, the problem can escalate from bad to worse.

Where does this occur?

Delamination occurs on facades, roofs and also on connection pieces beside screws and transitions of parts.

What risk do you run?

It starts with a small piece, however in the course of time, the consequences cannot be predicted. Coatings of complete facades or roofs can become detached and fall off as the result of the effects of the weather. The underlying layers are then extremely susceptible to damage and rusting. Replacement of the cladding or applying a new coating is then necessary.

Can it be prevented?

In many cases, delamination can be limited or prevented by performing professional and periodic maintenance. Treating scratches and damage in the cladding in time is also necessary.

Van Heemskerk Damage repair

Van Heemskerk has the expertise and the experience to detect delamination in the early stages and to professionally treat it with the correct materials and techniques.

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