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Your doors and frames will be like new again

Completely renovating worn or discoloured frames and doors?  That's expensive, and, in many cases, unnecessary. Coating parts is a cost-efficient, sustainable solution. The parts are often still in adequate condition, making replacement unnecessary. Van Heemskerk can provide your doors and frames with a high-quality paint system.  This will keep them protected and looking aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

We can coat synthetic and aluminium frames, doors, windows, overhead doors, façades, entryways, fascias and flashings, etc. If repairs or recoating turn out to be infeasible after all, we can also replace your frame or (overhead) door. We cooperate with all leading suppliers.

When it comes to coating and damage repair techniques, Van Heemskerk is a master. We only work with high-quality, proven paint systems, derived, among others, from the automotive sector. Van Heemskerk has proven itself as a leading expert in damage repairs to company buildings and properties.

Would you like to know more about coating roof and façade panels? Or do you have a specific question? Would you like to request a quote? Feel free to contact us.

Why Van Heemskerk?

  • We have over 20 years of experience in roof and façade panels, both in the construction and renovation sector. Well-known panel suppliers often call upon our services, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

  • Repairs take place on-site, which means your door or frame generally won't need to be replaced

  • We receive advice from well-known panel suppliers and door manufacturers.

  • We are familiar with all types of panels, coatings and profiles

  •  Your door or frame will be restored to its original condition

  • Van Heemskerk always offers a solution for your damage, either through repairs or replacement.

  • We can also replace your door, frame or overhead door!

My door or frame is damaged or dented. Can this be repaired invisibly?

In many cases, the damage can simply be fixed virtually invisibly. However, this does depend on local circumstances, the condition of the substrate and prior maintenance. Every day, our experts successfully perform work on both new buildings and buildings that are 30-40 years old, so there is plenty we can do.

What products do you use? Are they the same as those on the original?

For example, 9 out of 10 times, overhead doors feature a coil coating, which is also known as pre-painted steel or aluminium. This could be a colorcoat prisma, PVDF, silicon polyester, or an HPS Plastisol coating, among others. Coil coating is a factory process involving extreme heat. As such, it cannot be applied for repairs. Frames, façades and wicket doors often feature a powder coating. This is an electrostatic process combined with temperature, i.e. a factory process taking place under constant and controlled conditions.

Whatever the method, these are all excellent substrates for our paint systems. The products we use are derived from the automotive sector and were specifically designed for repairs to sandwich panels and profiles. The paints seamlessly fit the applied coil coat when it comes to durability and appearance. We are familiar with all types of coating systems and always have the most common colours in stock.

What is the deal with colour differences?

No two colours or buildings are the same. Even if they have the same RAL code or name, every new coil will have a different colour or appearance. This is because most pigments for paints and lacquers are derived from nature, so their properties may differ from shipment to shipment. This phenomenon has an extra dimension in case of metallics, which professionals call “flop”. This refers to the way metallic particles are positioned on the surface, which can result in a darker/lighter effect. You can compare this to a high-pile carpet. The colour doesn't change, but if you run your hand over it, you will get lighter and darker areas.

Buildings and panels suffer from discolouration over the years. One of our specialisations is “retinting”. This means we use the right pigments to touch up the damage so it matches the existing colour.

Van Heemskerk is an expert in mixing the most suitable colour during repairs. We strive for customer satisfaction by making our repairs “virtually invisible.”

What is your operating area?

We operate both within the Netherlands and abroad. Every day, we perform our activities throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We also have projects far beyond this scope, such as in North and South America and the Middle East.

Whom do you work for?

We work for well-known panel manufacturers, property owners or tenants, property managers, installation companies, construction companies and private individuals.

Do you also repair other materials?

Yes, our service covers a wide range of applications, including repairs to sandwich panels and sheeting. Please refer to the other parts of this website for more information. We also work with composite and wooden constructions. We can usually offer a solution, even if this is not necessarily listed on our website.

What suppliers are you familiar with?
  • Repairs to Alpha doors
  • Repairs to Voskamp doors
  • Repairs to Nassau doors
  • Repairs to JM doors
  • Repairs to MHN doors
  • Repairs to Novoferm doors
  • Repairs to Assaabloy doors
  • Repairs to Alsta doors
  • Repairs to De Rooij doors
  • Repairs to Salco doors
Can you also replace components?

Sometimes, frames are so severely warped that repairs are no longer an option. In these cases, we can also replace your frames, wicket door or overhead door. We are familiar with most manufacturers and brands.

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