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Precoating roof and façade panels

What a nuisance: sandwich panels and roof and façade panels that are not quite the right colour. This problem occurs if the architect or end user picks a deviating colour that is not readily available, for instance, or if a supplier has excess stock of a certain colour. Van Heemskerk has access to its own, professional spray booth, allowing us to spray panels, sheets and other roof and façade cladding in any colour the customer desires.

Panels with custom colours are often subject to a minimum order amount when you purchase them from suppliers. Van Heemskerk can spray virtually any number of panels in the exact right colour using a high-grade, sustainable paint system. We can even handle small batches with a short lead time.

By default, we can spray heights up to 14.5 metres, though more is possible in consultation. We can do this for all conventional substrates, such as PVDF, SP, HPS, plastisol, etc. Every day, we work with panels by or provide our services to Hoesch, Kingspan, SAB, van Delft, Falk, Joris Ide, Isocab, etc.

Would you like to know more about precoating roof and façade panels? Or do you have a specific question? Would you like to request a quote? Feel free to contact us.

Why Van Heemskerk?

  • We have over 20 years of experience in roof and façade panels, both in the construction and renovation sector. Well-known panel suppliers often call upon our services, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

  • This way, panel suppliers can help their customers after all.

  • We receive advice from well-known panel suppliers.

  • We are familiar with all types of panels, coatings and profiles. Any colour is possible.

  • Your façade or roof panel is provided with a sustainable top coating that complements the factory paint systems.

  • Of course, we can also provide constructed façades and roofs with your preferred colour!

What coatings do you use for this?

We usually use 2-component coatings that match the specifications of the panel and sheeting manufacturers performance-wise.

What colour should I provide you with?

Whatever is most affordable for you, in the closest approximation of the actual colour. You can submit any type of coating. It doesn't really matter whether it's SP, PVDF, HPS, Plastisol or PU.

What happens if I submit an order?

You ship the order to our workplace. We process the packages of panels or profiles in our spraying plant. After spraying and drying, the packages are carefully repackaged for shipping. We try to use the original packaging materials, like pallets and foam, whenever possible. We load and unload everything.

What colours are available?

Virtually all colours are available, including metallic and effect colours, as well as specials. Our paint series are incredibly extensive when it comes to the available colours, and the options are endless.

What's the average lead time?

This depends on the length and weight of the panels. Normally, we can process about 100-150 m2 per day.

Is it possible to apply a colour on-site?

It's definitely possible and quite common, too. Please refer to “coating roof and façade cladding” on our website. In short, this entails cleaning, covering the parts that should not be sprayed, and spraying.

What panel suppliers do you work with?

We work for or with products of a range of suppliers, including Hoesch, Kingspan, SAB, van Delft, Falk, Joris Ide, Isocab, door suppliers.

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