Rust repairs and edge peeling

Company buildings often suffer from rust build-up on the edges of the roofing and fa├žade panels. This phenomenon is also known as edge peeling. It happens to all types of coating systems, but is most common in Plastisol coatings, especially on older systems. Edge peeling is often visible at the tops or seams of the panels, as this is where the coating suffers most from moisture and pollution.

Eventually, rust may start forming in these spots, at the ends and below the coating. As a result, the coating will start to detach. If you don't act, the damage to the panels will only increase. Van Heemskerk has developed an effective method to prevent and repair edge peeling. To do so, we mechanically treat the rust and any detached pieces on-site. Afterwards, we apply a zinc-rich, anti-corrosion coating to the treated parts. This way, the roofing panels of your building will be protected against the effects of dirt and UV radiation for years to come.

Panel manufacturers and suppliers recommend and employ Van Heemskerk's services in edge peeling repairs. Would you like to know more about preventing and repairing rust and edge peeling? Feel free to contact us.

Why Van Heemskerk?

  • The rust and detached parts are treated using machines. Afterwards, we apply a zinc-rich, anti-corrosion coating to the treated parts.

  • This way, your roofing panel will be protected against the effects of dirt and UV radiation for years to come.

  • We are familiar with all types of panels, profiles and coatings.

  • Well-known manufacturers and suppliers of panels will recommend us to you.

  • If necessary, we can even install a cover profile, which will significantly increase the lifespan. Contact us for non-binding information on the possibilities!

How does something like this happen? My roof isn't even that old...

Because they are sawed off in the factory, the edges of the roof panel are relatively vulnerable. They only have a zinc coating and are, to a degree, cathodically protected. Nonetheless, once the zinc is sacrificed to the steel, problems may appear eventually.

90% of the time, edge peeling will occur in the area between the roof panels and the gutter or overlaps / butt seams. This is because dirt adheres most easily in these spots. Combined with UV radiation, this means issues are more likely to occur here. Timely maintenance is essential. In fact, for many suppliers, this is part of the warranty terms.

What are the long-term consequences or risks?

Edge peeling can affect your sheeting so severely that leaks may form eventually. Due to the capillary action of water (rising moisture), the problem will only grow worse. Without proper treatment, edge peeling will lead to serious delamination (large, detached parts of the coating, see delamination). In many cases, this means the sheeting will have to be replaced, or a new coating will have to be applied.

Will installing a cover help?

Installing a cover will certainly help. With a cover, the edges will no longer be directly exposed to UV radiation, which will significantly slow the degradation process. On top of that, a cover looks sleek and ensures any water or snow ends up neatly in the gutter. However, these covers can generally only be applied to the gutter.

Can this issue be prevented?

In many cases, proper, regular maintenance may limit or entirely prevent the effects of edge peeling. Depending on environmental factors, edge peeling often occurs despite long warranty speculations by coating manufacturers. The supplier can also preventively treat the tops and fronts of the panels during assembly.

Unfortunately, the end users are often not aware of what's going on on the roof and only find out after a long time.

What paints do you use for this?

9 out of 10 times, panels and profiles feature a coil coating, which is also known as pre-painted steel or aluminium. This could be a colorcoat prisma, PVDF, silicon polyester, or an HPS Plastisol coating, among others. Coil coating is a factory process involving extreme heat. As such, it cannot be applied for repairs.

The products we use are derived from the automotive sector and were specifically designed for repairs to sandwich panels and profiles. The paints seamlessly fit the applied coil coat when it comes to durability and appearance. We are familiar with all types of coating systems and always have the most common colours in stock.

What does it cost?

It is often difficult to assess the costs, as they depend on the size of the project, accessibility, paint type and local circumstances. Ask one of our experts about the options. In many cases, we can help you solve your problem!

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