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Removing glue residue from panels

When panels or profiles are delivered, glue residue from the protective film may be left behind on the surface due to various circumstances. These glue or film remains are difficult to remove. Because the residues are initially sticky, dirt and dust will easily adhere to them. Van Heemskerk has special techniques to remove these glue residues.

The glue or film residues often appear during storage or processing. Leading suppliers and installation companies often call upon our services to professionally remove these residues without damaging the surface. We work in close cooperation with panel suppliers like Falk, Kingspan, Joris Ide, SAB, Arcelor Mittal, Rex Panels, Cladding Point, Brucha, etc.

Van Heemskerk has over 20 years of experience in repairing, cleaning and coating roof and façade panels. We lend our services to both the construction and renovation sector. Our organisation is constantly working on innovative damage repair solutions. In consultation with you, our employees will always find the correct, appropriate solution.

Would you like more information on removing glue and film residues from your panels? Feel free to contact us.

Why Van Heemskerk?

  • We have over 20 years of experience in roof and façade panels, both in the construction and renovation sector. Well-known panel suppliers often call upon our services in the Netherlands and abroad to remove glue residues and other special types of pollution.

  • We clean surfaces using neutral detergents that do not damage the coatings.

  • We receive advice from well-known panel suppliers like Falk, Kingspan, Joris Ide, SAB, Arcelor Mittal, Rex Panels, Cladding Point, Brucha, etc.

  • We are familiar with all types of panels, coatings and profiles

  • We have the knowledge and experience required to apply the right method for each film and coating combination.

  • We always offer a suitable solution, either through cleaning, recoating or replacement. All work is performed by our own staff.

Can I remove glue residues myself?

If you want to remove glue or film residues, you do need to know what you're doing. Before you know it, you'll be dealing with cleaning spots or other damage to the top coat as a result of inappropriate cleaning methods. We use the right materials, chemicals and high-pressure cleaners to clean these surfaces, drawing from the experience and knowledge we've gained from a variety of earlier projects.

The coated surfaces of profiles and panels are highly sensitive, and not all chemical detergents may be suitable. 

What are the risks of removal?

Every project comes with risks. We always make an assessment of the pollution in advance. We then usually use a sample piece to minimise these risks and make sure we're using the right product. Based on our knowledge and experience, we can avoid several pitfalls and use the right technique. The correct approach may differ from project to project.

How long can the film usually be left?

We recommend following the supplier's instructions, as all films differ. It's usually best to immediately remove it when you're lifting the panels and sheets. Darker colours absorb more heat, so these surfaces are more prone to glue residues. The seasons also play a role. Adhesive films are often water-based products. When exposed to water for extended periods of time, the glue in the film may start to dissolve.

Glue residue on the panel or profiles does not affect the quality of the product or its coating. However, the result is not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Dust and dirt easily adhere to the leftover glue. The longer the residues are exposed to sun and heat, the harder it becomes to clean them. We've seen situations where the glue had penetrated the pores of the top coating. In this case, the glue cures completely and merges with the surface.

What if the glue residues cannot be removed?

If the glue residues have fully penetrated the pores of the top coat and cured, the only thing we can do is sand the surface and recoat it. We can take care of this.

Can you also wash and clean our property?

Our company primarily focusses on specific pollution, such as glue residues and rust. Since we have constant projects in this sector, we often have too little manpower for “standard cleaning services”. In some cases, however, we can perform these services in combination with other projects. You can always contact us with any questions you may have.

My building was cleaned using the wrong detergent and was damaged in the process

It's a common issue in this sector: cleaning companies use the wrong detergent or method for the polluted surface. This may lead to irreparable stains on façades or other coated components, such as frames and doors.

Van Heemskerk is usually able to provide a solution for your problem, through cleaning, recoating or even replacement. Ask us about the options and send us an email with pictures of your issue. We have already brought many of those “problematic projects” to a satisfying conclusion. On top of that, we receive advice from panels and sheeting suppliers.

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