• Van Heemskerk Rijssen
    Specialist in damage repairs, cleaning and restyling of commercial property.
  • Van Heemskerk Rijssen
    Specialist in damage repairs, cleaning and restyling of commercial property.

Why choose Van Heemskerk?

Your company building is your workplace, calling card and an investment. This building may be affected by damage, pollution or age. Van Heemskerk has been the foremost specialist in damage repairs, cleaning, coating and renovation for many years.

What can we do for you?

From our headquarters in Rijssen, we protect and improve company buildings and property throughout the Netherlands and far beyond our borders. We offer our services to property owners, insurers, developers, contractors and building suppliers. With our expert, committed team, we will restore the safety, value, appearance and functionality of your property.

Damage repair

Cladding repair Van Heemskerk has been the foremost specialist when it comes to the improvement o...

Specialist cleaning

Pollution inside or on the outside of buildings will affect their appearance....

Coating roofs and walls

Van Heemskerk can professionally respray your existing steel roof or faça...

Renovation and Restyling

Van Heemskerk executes full-fledged renovation and restyling projects. W...

Our projects and references

Blister repair Qatar

Blister repair Qatar

Even in the far Middle East, Van Heemskerk can be found when it comes to all kinds of problems with coatings and sandwich panels. This customer in Qatar was happy to use the expertise we have in house regarding our highly effective self-developed repair method for bladder repair. Huge curves had arisen on the front of the business premises, which gave the building an unattractive appearance. Everything has been solved to 100% satisfaction and the facade is in completely new condition again!

Do you also suffer from blistering on your panels? Then contact us without obligation!

Coating façades Ikea Valencia (ES)

Coating façades Ikea Valencia (ES)

At Ikea's business premises in Valencia (Spain), we stripped the coating on 3 facades in the spring of 2022 and then applied a new coating. Even the leading chains know where to find Van Heemskerk when it comes to long-term and high-quality maintenance of their real estate.

Cladding repair Gova Meubelen Lier (B)

Cladding repair Gova Meubelen Lier (B)

In the spring of 2022, we were commissioned by Gova Meubelen from Lier (Belgium) to repair the facade. A truck had caused damage to a sandwich panel next to the overhead door. Our experts were able to fully repair this damage on site. The result is that the facade has been returned to its 100% original state, without any color difference. It's not for nothing that our experts are called the "panel doctors"!

We can handle any damage! With our experienced and expert team, we repair property damage of every kind imaginable every day.

Van Heemskerk is the foremost specialist in property damage repairs

We have the right solution for any property suffering from damage, pollution or age. We have mastered our techniques and always work with high-quality materials. Our team is expert and experienced, works quickly and carefully, and always respects the agreements made. Tell us what damage you're dealing with, and we will offer you a solution. Want to know more about specific services, such as solutions for sandwich panels, profile sheeting, repairs for damage due to burglary or storm and hail damage? Our website offers lots of information. You can also contact us directly.
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