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Repairing delamination and detached coatings

As you likely know, delamination means a laminated coat is detaching. This regularly happens with older (Plastisol) sheeting or panels on roofs and façades. Façades exposed to sunlight are most likely to suffer from this issue. Due to UV radiation, the plasticisers in the PVC coatings slowly vanish. As a result, the coatings become hard and susceptible to dirt. Due to rain, wind and other weather conditions, the coating will eventually detach.

This usually starts in a small area before spreading across the panel. In the end, the coating will detach completely and be scattered all over the surrounding area in tiny bits. This is unpleasant for your neighbours, bad for the environment and will impact the look of your building.

Van Heemskerk has developed its own, successful repair method to tackle this problem. This method has become so popular that other repair companies have also begun applying it. As the inventor of this method, we can prevent delamination, repair detached coatings and restore your façade to its original condition.

Would you like to know more about preventing and repairing delamination? Feel free to contact us.

Why Van Heemskerk?

  • Based on years of practical experience with this issue, we developed our very own repair method for it.

  • We know what products to use and what products not to. Delamination is a complex issue that can only be resolved through the right materials and approach.

  • As such, thanks to our method, Van Heemskerk is recommended by well-known panel and coating suppliers as an expert repair partner.

  • We are familiar with all types of panels, coatings and profiles.

  • We'll always offer a solution for your problem! If the delaminated coating can no longer be repaired, we can also replace the panels on your façade or roof.

What is delamination and where does it occur?

Delamination is nothing more or less than a laminated coating detaching. In the roofing and façade sector, this issue primarily occurs in case of older “plastisol” sheeting or panels finished with a PVC coating. This problem is most common with façades and roofs exposed to sunlight.

That is because delamination is primarily caused by UV radiation. The plasticisers vanish from the PVC coating, which makes the coating brittle, hard and prone to tearing. Due to damage, scratches and the effects of moisture, the coating will eventually start to detach. Newer series of plastisols often feature improvements and are therefore less prone to delamination.

How large is the risk of delamination for me?

Delamination often starts in a small area, but, if left unchecked, it can have severe consequences in the long run. The coatings of entire façades or roofs may start peeling or even detach completely due to the impact of weather effects. If this happens, the layers below will become highly susceptible to degradation and rust. In this case, a new coating has to be applied or the sheeting needs to be replaced.

Can this issue be prevented?

Every coating system has a maximum lifespan. However, environmental factors like location, UV radiation and the pollution the roofs and façades are exposed to do significantly influence their lifespan. Professional, regular maintenance may limit or entirely prevent the effects of delamination.

Respraying a roof or façade when the old paint still adheres may save you a significant amount of money. On top of that, it is important to have scratches and damaged areas on the panels repaired in time. Make sure to call us in to treat your façade as early as possible. In many cases, the process can still be halted, allowing you to save significant amounts of money.

Feel free to call or email us for more information, no matter if your coating is already peeling or not. We can always offer you a fitting solution!

Respraying or replacement?

The choice between respraying or replacement highly depends on the customer's wishes. Respraying is generally more affordable. However, renovation by placing a new panel in front of the old one could also be an appropriate solution.

When it comes to insulation panels, replacement may not always be the preferable option. After all, these panels have good insulating capacities and will last a long time. It might be more affordable and more sustainable to apply a new coating or install a panel in front of the old one. For more information, please click “renovation”.

Sometimes, this issue is an opportune occasion to take a look at the condition of the property as a whole. In this case, you could opt to provide all panels with new front panels or profile sheeting. Fortunately, our services also include restyling entire company buildings, including doors and frames. Would you like more information? If so, please click “renovation”.

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