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Renovation and Restyling

Van Heemskerk executes full-fledged renovation and restyling projects. We have a wealth of experience in adjusting and updating entire company buildings in accordance with the customer's demands and the latest building requirements.

We can replace and repair any type of roof or façade sheeting, panel or flashing.  This includes sandwich panels, profile sheeting, verge trim, corner pieces, sills and window frames. We can renovate or repair any damage to your façade or roof. The benefit for you: we design, renovate, restyle and finish everything ourselves. This means you'll enjoy a single point of contact and won't have to call upon the costly services of consultancy firms. You can find more information on our activities below. Do you have a specific question, or would you like a quote? Please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

More information

Jutestraat 2
7461 TR Rijssen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 548-522040