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Recoating your façade and roof

Van Heemskerk can professionally respray your existing steel roof or façade sheeting. This way, you can give your roof or façade a second life or a new look. We don't just apply basic paint systems, but we also offer metallics and effect colours. Recoating the roof or façade will restore its protective properties and significantly extend its lifespan.

Every day, we work for and in cooperation with leading panel suppliers, such as Kingspan, Falk, SAB, Joris Ide, etc. Van Heemskerk is often called upon for warranty projects. On top of that, we can invisibly repair dents and scratches in any profile type.

Roofs and façades are exposed to fluctuating (and ever more extreme) weather conditions and pollution. Once started, the degradation of the panels will only grow worse. Timely action and treatment by a professional cleaner and repair service mean you can save your roof and façade.

Would you like to know more about coating? Or do you have a specific question? Would you like to request a quote? Feel free to contact us.

Why Van Heemskerk?

  • We have over 20 years of experience in roof and façade panels, both in the construction and renovation sector. Well-known panel suppliers often call upon our services, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

  • In many cases, your panel won't need to be replaced, as the condition of your façade or roof will likely allow for recoating.

  • Quality services performed by top-notch sprayers at competitive prices.

  • We are familiar with all types of panels, coatings and profiles

  • Respraying is generally the most cost-efficient solution.

  • Van Heemskerk receives advice from well-known panel and sheeting suppliers. Our services seamlessly fit with their coating systems.

  • We can also invisibly remove dents from any type of profile.

  • We always offer a solution for your property, either through recoating or replacement.

  • Our services are performed by true craftsmen, both within the Netherlands and abroad.

  • We offer honest advice for spraying or, if necessary, replacement, and we can help you with either approach at a competitive rate.

What's the average lead time?

Depending on the substrate and situation, the lead time for façades is about 1-1.5 weeks for a space measuring 40 x 25 x 7 m.

What is your operating area?

We operate both within the Netherlands and abroad. We are primarily active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. However, some of our projects take us far beyond this scope.

What products do you use?

We use systems and products that seamlessly fit the products by suppliers / coil coat manufacturers. Depending on the type of coating, substrate and finish, these include water-based and solvent-based systems. We usually make an on-site assessment and, based on this, provide advice or present a quote.

How does spraying work?
  • We clean, remove loose parts and degrease the surface with a high-pressure cleaner. If necessary, we manually brush the surface with a biodegradable detergent. That way, the surface that needs to be coated is sufficiently clean and grease-free. Once the surface has dried, we can start applying the paint system.
  • Components that should not be coated (frames, façade sections, gutters, doors, obstacles, etc) are covered.
  • We then apply an adhesive coat / primer that will form the foundation for the sealing coat.
  • Afterwards, we apply a top coat, sealing coat over the primer.
  • The product is applied through airless spraying (no air, just the coating material), to keep spray mist to an absolute minimum.
  • This application method is both environmentally friendly and responsible from a health and safety point of view.
What sheeting suppliers are you familiar with?

We work with the following suppliers, among others:

  • Kingspan panels
  • SAB panels
  • Hoesch / Hobone
  • Arcelor Mittal
  • Joris Ide
  • Plaum
  • Trimo
  • Cladding Point
  • Falk
  • Van Delft Profielen
  • Salzgitter Bauelemente
  • Itapanelli
  • Hardeman Veenendaal
  • Isocab
  • Brucha
  • Paroc
  • Unisol
  • KIM
  • Beckers
  • Colpro
  • Holland groep
What colours can you apply?

We can mix and spray any colour, even special, custom ones. Moreover, we can also apply Metallic and mother-of-pearl-effect colours.

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