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Repairs to frames and doors

Van Heemskerk specialises in sheeting and sandwich panel repairs. However, we are also skilled in repairs to aluminium or synthetic frames and commercial doors. We can also respray frames and doors that suffer from discolouration.

We expertly and professionally repair damage to doors and frames by all well-known suppliers. Thanks to our repair method, we can virtually invisibly fix your door or frame on-site. That way, it won't need to be replaced, eliminating the need for demolition work and the corresponding costs. This is a recognised and proven repair method. Insurers and suppliers regularly call upon our repair services for doors and frames.

Our services include solutions for paint damage, scratches, dents and colour differences for synthetic, aluminium and composite doors and frames and HPL doors as well as wood and concrete-look, steel, composite and aluminium façades. These services also extend to doors, lift doors, walls, railings, frames, ceilings, all materials and all components including stainless steel and anodised parts, as well as metallic and mother-of-pearl coatings.

When it comes to damage repair techniques, Van Heemskerk is a master. We only work with high-quality, proven paint systems, derived, among others, from the automotive sector. Van Heemskerk has proven itself as a leading expert in damage repairs to company buildings and properties.

Would you like to know more about professional repairs? Would you like to request a cost indication? Feel free to contact us.

Why Van Heemskerk?

  • Repairs often take place on-site, which means your door or frame generally won't need to be replaced.

  • Well-known frame and door suppliers recommend us.

  • We are familiar with all types of doors, coatings and profiles.

  • Your frame or door will be restored to its original condition. The repairs will be invisible.

  • Over 20 years of experience in roof and façade panels, frames and commercial doors, both in the construction and renovation sector.

  • We always offer a solution for your damage, either through repairs or replacement.

  • Our organisation is constantly developing innovative damage repair solutions.

I have a damaged frame or door. Can this be repaired invisibly?

In many cases, the damage can simply be fixed “virtually invisibly”. This depends to a large degree on local circumstances, the condition of the surface and prior maintenance. Every day, our experts successfully perform work on both new buildings and buildings older than 30 years, so there is plenty we can do.

What products do you use?

The products we use are derived from the automotive sector and were specifically designed for repairs to sandwich panels and profiles. The paints seamlessly fit the applied coil coat when it comes to durability and appearance. We are familiar with all types of coating systems and always have the most common colours in stock.

What is your operating area?

We operate both within the Netherlands and abroad. Every day, we perform our activities throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. However, we also have projects beyond this scope, such as in North and South America and the Middle East.

Whom do you work for?

We work for well-known panel manufacturers, property owners or tenants, property managers, installation companies, construction companies and private individuals.

  • Repairs to Polybouw frames
  • Repairs to Schuco frames
  • Repairs to Creon frames
  • Repairs to Reynaers frames
  • Repairs to Schipper frames
  • Repairs to van der Kolk frames
  • Repairs to Inox Doors
  • Repairs to Alpha doors
  • Repairs to Hormann doors
  • Repairs to Rolflex doors
  • Repairs to Voskamp doors
  • Repairs to Nassau doors
  • Repairs to JM doors
  • Repairs to MHN doors
  • Repairs to Novoferm doors
  • Repairs to Assaabloy doors
  • Repairs to Alsta doors
  • Repairs to De Rooij doors
  • Repairs to Salco doors
Do you also repair other materials?

Yes, our service covers a wide range of applications. Please refer to the other parts of this website for more information. This includes, for example, repairs to sandwich panels and sheeting, as well as composite or wooden constructions. We can usually offer a solution, even though this is not necessarily listed on our site.


Do you also repair powder coatings?

Most aluminium frames and wicket doors are powder coated. This is a factory-applied, sustainable coating. The coating process takes place under controlled and monitored conditions. As such, powder coating cannot be performed outdoors.

Van Heemskerk uses 2-component coatings from the automotive sector to repair these types of damage. These coatings are of top-notch quality when it comes to durability. Overhead doors often feature sandwich panels with a coil coat, which we can likewise simply repair. If only the colour became dull, we also use special nano coatings.

What does it cost?

It is hard to estimate the costs in advance. They depend on a variety of factors, such as size, lighting, accessibility, paint type and local circumstances.

The price is also affected by the costs of replacement, dismantling and removal of the surrounding construction, which can cause damage, leaks etc. Many frames feature hidden fasteners or are completely enclosed, which means they take significant effort to remove.

Contact one of our experts for non-binding information on the possibilities. We are happy to help you!

I have damage to report. What is the best way to contact you?

It's easiest to contact the regional expert in question via email. You can find more information about this on the right-hand side of this page. Please attach pictures to your request. You can also fill out the online form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

However, it is difficult to make an accurate assessment based on a picture, so we regularly visit locations throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This means we are likely to be able to drop by and take a look at your damage.

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