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Clean room and cold store cleaning

Pollution in freezers, clean rooms and cold stores often poses significant hygiene and food safety risks. It is of the utmost importance to have the pollution cleaned correctly in a timely fashion by a competent specialist. Van Heemskerk specialises in the professional cleaning of food-safe environments. These include freezers, clean rooms and other spaces subject to strict requirements in accordance with HACCP standards. We have a lot of experience with hygiene standards and our service is recognised by all well-known suppliers and producers of clean rooms and cold stores.

We regularly work with all types of food-safe panels like Kingspan, Unisol, Isocab, SAB and Falk. The services of Van Heemskerk are not just deployed for food-safe environments, but also for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Our company is completely VCA (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors) certified, and we have completed a variety of safety courses.

Would you like to know more about cleaning in food-safe environments and other areas and buildings where hygiene is crucial? Feel free to contact us.

Why Van Heemskerk?

  • We take the circumstances of your company into consideration and set up a plan of action in consultation with you. That way, we can keep the inconvenience to you to a minimum during our activities. You'll be able to start using the cold stores again as soon as possible.

  • Lots of experience, especially with large cold stores and freezers.

  • We have our own cleaning machines and equipment.

  • We'll provide you with the cleaning certificates in accordance with the HACCP standard.

  • We also have experience with defrosting ‘deep freeze’ cells.

  • Van Heemskerk primarily distinguishes itself in the areas of specialised knowledge, quality and flexibility.

Do you also work outside of regular working hours?

Yes, we will do our best to consider the customers’ wishes and will work at night if necessary. With proper consultation, the possibilities are endless!

How long does it take to clean an average cold store?

Usually, cleaning a single cold store takes about 1.5 days, depending on its size. In consultation with our employees on-site, we will locally coordinate which cold stores need to stay empty and which ones can be used again, so the products can be kept at the appropriate temperature.

Do you also work in freezers with extremely low temperatures?

Yes, we use special work platforms, special work suits and a modified work schedule to clean these spaces. This process does need to be coordinated properly, however, due to the temperature of the product.

Do you also repair damage in these spaces?

Yes, please refer to the other parts of our website. Moreover, we also replace and/or repair refrigerator walls, doors, flashings and other components.

Do you have systems to prevent collision damage?

Yes, we do! We can install crash protection and reinforcements and perform small construction jobs etc. On top of that, we can provide you with a quote for complete annual maintenance.

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